Orangina: Shake the Pulp

Known for its signature bulbous bottle and vivid orange swirl logo, Orangina is a unique French soft drink inspired by the fruit, sunshine, and color of the Mediterranean.

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We partnered with ad agency ACHTUNG! Amsterdam to create key visuals for an Orangina ad campaign. The main goal was to show the orange pulp-infused soft drink’s natural ingredients at their best. We recommended a live photo shoot because CG liquids can be difficult to work with. It’s hard to make them look natural, and you need to test them again and again. The process can be time consuming and expensive. The client agreed.


Photographing the liquid was the most challenging element of the project. We used gallons of orange juice—redirected through transparent tubes—to capture the perfect vibe. Once the photo shoot was over, our retouch and CGI teams joined forces to connect all of the layers.

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