Foster's Rocks

Recognized as the quintessential Australian beer, Foster's has been brewing its world-famous lager since 1886.

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We joined forces with adam&eveDDB in London to introduce the brewer’s latest creation, Foster’s Rocks—a refreshing lager mixed with the adventurous taste of spiced rum. The agency came up with the brilliant idea of building the campaign around a pirate scene on a ship at sunset. Arrrgh! Our job was to build the scenery from scratch in CGI. We were flexible on the techniques we used but knew it had to look beautiful. Which is why we did a lot of work up from in pre-production. It took time but made the project run more smoothly and saved tons of time later on.


We started with a can model sprayed with water and then created an exploding wooden barrel simulation (our favorite part of the project). For the final touch, the team finished the visual with magical lighting and rough sea matte painting.

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